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California state and federal laws mandate that women, gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual workers are offered equal access and protections on the job. However, while these laws exist, sex and gender discrimination still remains a problem for workers in Northern California.

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At the Furstenthal Law Office, in Contra Costa County, our experienced sex & gender discrimination lawyer handles complex employment law cases throughout the Bay Area where clients have been denied their rights on the job. Our GLBT discrimination attorney can help you if you have been discriminated against in the following ways:

  • Inappropriate touching
  • Lewd Comments
  • Getting passed up on a job because the manager does not think an employee fits the role based on gender or sexual orientation
  • Not getting promoted due to gender or sexual orientation
  • Not considering an employee for a specific work task or position based on gender or sexual orientation
  • Offering different pay structures for men vs. women
  • Sexual jokes
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace harassment and bullying
  • Among others

Sexual Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

In addition to paying men and women equally, employers must bring resolve to any known discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. Harassment often involves any verbal or physical action that is of a sexual nature. This can include requests for sexual favors, sexual advances that are unwanted, and any other sexual related actions that interfere with an employee’s job performance.

California law recognizes two types of sexual harassment

Quid pro quo harassment – this is when a manager requests sexual favors as a condition of employment.

Hostile work environment – when an oppressive, intimidating, or generally offensive workplace environment based on sex exists, and is allowed to continue, that negatively impacts a workers ability to perform their job.

What Are the Steps to Take

If you are facing sex and gender discrimination or harassment, your first step should be to let your manager or human resources department know. You can schedule a free consultation with our employment law attorney, John Furstenthal, before you do. If your employer does not correct the situation, and the discriminating or harassing behavior is allowed to continue, you may have a case.

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