There are time limits, or "statutes of limitations," for bringing a law suit. They are different depending on the basis for bringing a law suit (like breach of contract, employment matters, medical malpractice, car crash, etc.).

To complicate matters, there are usually shortened time limits to bring a lawsuit against the government. Most commonly, in California you must sue the government within six months of the wrong you are suing about.


What is the government? It's very broad. It can include a city, county, the state, the California Highway Patrol, a public school or university, any kind of federal government body, local water or utility companies, or many other kinds of government or government-funded entity. It can also include the employees of the government.

To further complicate matters, you must file a special form against the government. It's called a "Government Claim Form."  You must file the claim, and the government agency has 45 days to respond. You then have another 6 months to file a suit in court.

There are some exceptions to these already complicated rules, so it makes sense to talk to a lawyer right away.

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