The US Supreme Court this week made a much-publicized decision granting gay couples the right to marry no matter what state they are in.

What are the rules about sexual-orientation discrimination in the workplace?

There is no federal law prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination on the job. Fewer the half of the states have laws prohibiting it. California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act does make it illegal to discriminate on the job because of a worker’s sexual orientation. You can look at this map to see if your state has a law. Non-Discrimination Laws: State by State Information - Map

There is a proposed federal law, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (“ENDA”) that may eventually make it illegal in all states to discriminate based on sexual orientation. I believe this law will eventually pass and become the law of the land. I also believe that before too long the rest of the states will adopt similar laws.

In the meantime, other laws, like sexual harassment and sexual discrimination laws, may protect a victim of discrimination.

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